I have a strong passion for teaching people healthy eating habits and the power of whole foods. 

Brenda Biberdorf, BS

I am happy to be on the Well Beyond team as the Nutrition Consultant. I am a proud mother of four very healthy, energetic kids that keep me on the go. My husband, Josh, is a Doctor of Chiropractic here in Rapid City. I have a strong passion for teaching people healthy eating habits and the power of whole foods. 

I obtained my degree in Dietetics from the University of Wyoming in 2005 and then completed a dietetic internship from the University of South Dakota School of Medicine. It was during the hospital rotation that I realized things were not adding up. I had gone to school to become a dietitian to teach people how to eat real food and change their lives. At the hospital, all I was doing was serving cooked green beans with mystery meat! I felt like I was just checking off boxes and waiting for the doctors to come in to recommend new medicine to the patient. I may have had one patient to whom I could occasionally “teach” nutrition, who was usually a newly diagnosed diabetic in shock with their diagnosis and unable to listen and comprehend anyway. I spent many days in my office crying because I had gone to school to help people with food. I felt like we were just putting “band-aids” on patient’s problems and sending them home without ever getting to the real issues.

After I finished my internship, I worked as the WIC nutritionist on the Cheyenne River Reservation for two years. It was a challenging job but I did really enjoy working with the mothers and babies. Next, I joined my husband at his business as a private practice Dietitian. Finally, I was making an impact on my patients lives. I would teach them about a meal plan to follow and they would do it, making incredible changes in their health. I have worked with many patients that have lowered doses or completely stopped medication, women with PCOS lose weight and/or achieve pregnancy, athletes obtain optimal nutrition for competition, and others meet weight loss goals or navigate a new food allergy.