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Q. Can you be my primary care provider?

A. As members of your healthcare team, we serve as specialists in Functional Medicine and thus you must retain a Primary Care Provider (PCP) that can order ongoing screening tests, yearly physicals, and maintain any medication refills. If we determine that decreasing dosing or discontinuing certain prescriptions is warranted, we would be happy to collaborate with your PCP. If any of your conditions require urgent or same-day care, we would recommend calling your PCP or 

Your healthcare is a team effort, and Functional Medicine plays a different position on this "team."  My mission is to educate you on your body's signals and help you reach your goals as an ongoing consultant.  Typical results are achieved from 3-6 months of dedicated collaboration.

I require that all patients retain a primary care provider to handle ordering of important screening tests (like mammograms, colonoscopies, etc).  As a consultant, I do not provide urgent/same-day care that might require immediate assistance or hospitalization.  If permitted, I'll happily communicate our findings to your PCP to provide a seamless approach to your overall healthcare.

No, the practitioners of Well Beyond are not considered primary care providers. This means that you must have another medical provider to deliver primary care. If you have an emergency, you should contact your primary care physician or call 911. 

Q: Do you process insurance?

A: No, Well Beyond does not participate with insurance plans; however, we will provide you with a claim form that you can file with your insurance company, as some may provide reimbursement. Payment is to be made at the time of service and we request that you come prepared to do so.

Q: Can I file my claim with Medicare?

A: Well Beyond has opted out of Medicare, which extends to Medicaid and Champus. Medicare patients can go to other providers who will provide health care under their insurance plan. If a patient with Medicare desires to utilize our services, then they agree to pay fee for service, and they may not submit their bill to Medicare for reimbursement. 

Q:  What do I expect during my visit?


A:  At the first visit you can expect a 60-90 minute intake session where we listen, learn, and strategize about your health.

​At your second visit we review any labs that were ordered for you. Then, we devise a functional medicine plan, which includes personalized plans to help with your nutrition, exercise, and stress relief.

Q: How do I prepare for my first visit?

A: Please complete the intake forms and read and sign the Policies and Consents within the patient portal prior to your first appointment. Make sure you come with all of your questions, and a good grasp of your personal health journey. We want to understand your your story and what your health challenges have been leading up to this point.


It is also important to know all the medications and supplements that you are taking. Please have these available so that we can evaluate them accurately.

Q: Why is it necessary to come unscented to your appointment?

A: Many of our patients are chemically sensitive to scents, perfumes and lotions. We ask you that you refrain from wearing scented products on the day of your visit as we have found that scents linger and render the room unusable for the next patient, who may be very chemically sensitive. You may be asked to reschedule if you have a scent on at time of visit. 

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