My passion is to help women change their world.

Suzanne Chrisco-Wilcox, APRN-CNM, ND, HOM, Certified Menopause Clinician, Board Certified Integrative Medicine

Suzanne is the newest addition to our Practitioners. She has had a 20 year nursing career in ICU and oncology before beginning Labor and Delivery and attending Midwifery school. She has 24 years experience as a CNM attending close to 2850 births. She is also a Certified Menopause Clinician.  


Suzanne trained at the United States Air Force Academy, and upon graduation, felt prepared to care for all women who would be presented to her – according to the standards medical care. However, after three years she was progressively more disillusioned with cookie cutter answers to complex, deep-seating suffering. She says, “I’m trained to care for well women across the lifespan, teen to oldest women, but I really only met three women who were ‘well’… in three years….it’s unbelievable what women are going through.”


She turned to alternative medicine looking for answers: eventually becoming a Naturopathic Doctor.   She then studied with the British Institute of Homeopathy, and is Board Certified,  Diplomat status,  with American Institute of Integrative Medicine.  Her certification is pending in Functional Medicine to put all of the above together into a tight package of conventional plus the best of alternative medicine. 


Suzanne is a trained Splankna therapist. This is a rapid, emotional healing technique incorporating EMDR, Kinesiology, and NET to deal with deep seated emotional triggers, through a deeply Christian, Biblical  perspective. 


She can see men as a Naturopath. But her degrees are in Women's Health, and in that capacity she gives medical care to women only.  


My driving core philosophy is that a woman is the heart of the home.  


Women are the strength of the family.  They hold the  vision of each person in the family, and the family as a whole.  When they are not able to function at full-capacity a cascade develops wherein the husband is impacted, the children are then impacted further,  and the contributions to church/culture/society are diminished.”  


 For Suzanne, it’s all about the woman!  


Come find out that your dream of being well “Mind, Body and Spirit” is an achievable Health goal, with clinical experience developed out of a lifetime of study and patient care.