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Suzanne Chrisco-Wilcox, APRN-CNM, ND, Certified Menopause Clinician, Board Certified Integrative Medicine, Dip AIIM

Are you looking for a practitioner who can get to the root of your problems?  Who is passionate about the health of the gut (the "Second Brain")?  Do you have fatigue, thyroid, metabolic or auto-immune diseases that are destroying your life? Do you need a practitioner that will take the time to listen to all of your health concerns, and who will develop a personalized health plan that is all-inclusive and encompassing to your lifestyle, your needs and your beliefs?  Would you like a practitioner that uses the most advanced concepts in testing and treatment to provide the highest quality healthcare and stretch your health dollars as far as possible?  How about someone who also administers O3 therapy,  IV Nutritional Therapy, as well as the hCG diet?

Suzanne is the newest addition to our practitioners. She is a Naturopathic Doctor and a specialist in Women's Health.  She has added certification as a Menopause Clinician, and is post-graduate trained and well-versed in thyroid issues, adrenal ,and auto-immune issues. She has delivered over 2800 babies.


Suzanne trained at the United States Air Force Academy, and upon graduation, felt prepared to care for just about any patient presented to her – according to the current standards of medical care. However, after three years she was progressively more disillusioned with cookie cutter answers to complex, deep-seated suffering.


Suzanne is Board Certified,  Diplomat status,  with the American Institute of Integrative Medicine.  Her certification is pending in Functional Medicine to put all of the above together into a tight package of conventional plus the best of alternative medicine. 


Suzanne is a trained Splankna therapist.  She can do EFT, Tapping, EMDR, and NET  to deal with deep seated emotional triggers, through a deeply Christian, Biblical  perspective.  The super oxygen therapies are related to O3, and deal with Lyme, Parasites, EBV, auto-immune and degenerative diseases including Parkinson's and MS.


Give fire and hope to your dream of being well  “Mind, Body and Spirit”. It is an achievable Health goal, from a practitioner that won't give up.

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