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”Functional Medicine is the future of conventional medicine.”

Many chronic symptoms can be drastically reduced with nutrition and lifestyle changes, instead of medications

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How is Functional Medicine different than a conventional medical clinic visit?

  • Longer visits, with a comprehensive history taken at your first visit.  We help you expose how what you do every day—the food you eat or don’t eat, the air you breathe, the quality of the water you drink, and the thoughts you think--- impacts your body.

  • Standard medical models label you with a disease (and diagnosis code) and then finds the medicine or procedures to match. Rather than a focus on sickness and disease, we focus on optimizing your entire body system.

  • A Functional Medicine model pulls in what is meaningful for each individual, such as understanding the importance of daily choices and how to change habits. We treat the whole person- mind and body.

  • You are an active participant in care by learning sustainable ways to care for yourself, as your body has the ability to heal with the proper support.

  • Specialty lab tests, including blood, urine, salivary, and stool to determine the root causes of your symptoms.

  • Recommendations for evidence-based, potent nutraceuticals based upon your functional lab results. Genetic limitations, digestion insufficiencies, and micronutrient deficiencies are possible stumbling blocks that will require supplementation. These could include hormones, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, probiotics, etc.

  • Are you willing to change your diet, exercise and lifestyle to invest in your long term health?

What to Expect

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Investigative Session

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Planning Session

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