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Being overweight or obese increases your risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, fatty liver disease, kidney disease, and other health issues.

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Do you want to lose 30 pounds in 40 days without hunger? HCG is a proven protocol, successfully used by thousands of patients around the world, with an average of 30-40 lbs lost in 40 days.

The protocol is broken down into 4 specific phases that are designed to optimize your weight loss success.

*Phase 1 - Loading - On days 1-2 you take HCG prescription & vitamins; load calories to rev-up your 

                                      metabolism. Ideally, the diet consists of high fat & high calorie foods.

*Phase 2 - Very Low-Calorie Diet - for 21 - 38 days, depending on your specific program. Continue HCG


*Phase 3 - Transition - for 3-days you continue the VLCD but don't take the HCG prescriptions. This

                                       prepares your body for maintenance.

Phase 4 - Lifestyle Renewal - This is the most critical! During the next 42 days you will begin factoring foods

                                       back into your diet. Commitment is key for maintaining your weight loss!

Call us today to schedule your appointment with Suzanne Chrisco-Wilcox & let her help you on your journey to optimal health & weight.

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