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Blue Gradient

The only Emsculpt NEO technology

in South Dakota!


Reduce Fat & Build Muscle

Emsculpt NEO sculpts your body using radiofrequency to permanently destroy fat cells and high-intensity electromagnetic energy to create muscle growth.

In one treatment the muscles contract 20,000 times.
You will feel warmth and the contractions, but it is painless.   

Each session lasts 30 minutes and there is no downtime after treatments. 

Full results are seen 3-6 months after your last session as it takes time to break down fat and build muscle.

Call today for a free consult!

(605) 219-9525

You will meet with one of our providers to review your medical history, examine your areas of concern,develop a unique plan and answer your questions.

Blue Gradient

After your Emsculpt Neo Session:

*You may resume your normal activity.

*Drink plenty of water.

* Follow a healthy diet with adequate protein.

*Continue your exercise routine to 

promote muscle growth and fat loss.

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